About the Pleiadians:

The Pleiades, a relatively youthful group of approximately 500 tightly clustered stars, are also known as The Seven Sisters, Messier 45, and M45. In the past they have been considered a constellation in and of themselves, today they are classified as an open, nebulous stellar group in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull. Recent data measurements indicate that the Pleiades are around 100 million years old and about 380 light years from Earth.

What do the Pleiadians look like?

They basically look similar to Earth humans. There are many sketches/facsimiles of Pleiadians on the internet.


How have they identified themselves?

The Pleiadian ET’s indicated that they were hundreds of members aboard their spacecraft. I frequently telepathically communicate with Sam. Remember, they are engineered life forms and know very little about them selves.  Phyllis, Christine, and Jenny are an unknown race. Sam is a Pleiadian from the Pleisastees (ET name). Pleisastees is an area just slightly less than what we identify as M45.  Pleisastees is in exosphere 18. Earth lies in exosphere 8. Star names are names the ET’s use. Click here for our star map.

The Pleiadians are aboard a spacecraft 2 ½ miles in diameter. They have 1200 of this size spacecraft as well as 5000, 150 foot diameter spacecraft and carry (38) members on board.  They all fly at 10722 MPH in an atmosphere, 32768 MPH outside the atmosphere.



Frank (Andromedan)










(Unknown race)


(Unknown race)


(Unknown race)


(12-12-09): I have chosen to eliminate some ET’s from the above chart that I no longer communicate with. Jenny indicated she and all around her are dressed in a (1) piece skin tight uniform (green). I try to get them to give me additional info about themselves but they are limited to what they can see around them, plus only 60% of what they tell me is the truth. Some ET’s have four fingers, but Jenny says she has five.

Contact made with the Greys:


(11-10-08) I was contacted by another ET group called the Greys. The Greys are small in statue and are very prolific in numbers but once numbered in the billions. The Greys chose “Gray” as their spokesperson.  Gray is a type C Grey with large black eyes, two openings for a nose and a slit for a mouth. I have spoken much with Gray. Gray is dressed in a one piece black uniform with an insignia of a triangle in a triangle on his chest and sleeve. All the Greys received their commands into their psyche from a computer . They act on these commands without conscious thought. Besides the basic Greys, there are other races that include: small Greys (3’-4’ tall); medium Greys (5’ tall); Tall Greys (6’ tall); Very Tall Greys (8’ tall); Extremely Tall Greys (8’ + Tall); and Large Greys (6’ tall, 220 lbs).  Right now they believe they are in a holding pattern waiting on info/direction regarding the #1 soul. The greys believe they come from a star system know as Zeta Reticuli.

Zeta Reticuli



Gray: Greys Soul Container







Gray reminded me that if I don’t remember what was said or if the subject is something that Earth humans don’t know, then they aren’t allowed to tell me.


(02-09-10): Gray told me that he has a belt with a controller around his waist. The controller has (7) buttons. The buttons interact with his psyche with the following meanings:

Center Button – Send Help

Button 1 – Attention

Button 2 - Help Me to Relax

Button 3 – Believe in Yourself

Button 4 – Make Me Feel Good

Button 5 – Improve My Disposition

Button 6 – Lie Down to Relax


The Universe:


Galaxies are contained in round to football shaped spheres called Exospheres. Distance between these Exospheres is 100 Light Years center to center and 25 Light Years edge to edge.  Earth lies in Exosphere #8. Our known universe is contained in Exosphere 8, 9 and part of 10. Note that on average light travels through the universe at up to 17 times faster than thought and 39.4 times faster between these Exospheres.

There are (8) planets in the Pleiades that support life. There are about 77 ET races in the universe. There are 93 constellations in our visible universe. Our scientist says there are 88 constellations. Our know universe is 93 billion plus LY across.


ET Control of Humans:


The ELF’s believe their only job is to control Earth humans. Control is by psychic control panel with a monitor. The control panel shows all the human nerve endings that can be grouped together and stimulated to cause various problems. They psychically show me the control panel (looked like a flat screen monitor) and how they move around the body to find groups of nerve endings that would allow them to control the person they are in contact with.

They can utilize these controls only if you are psychically active and one of their “projects”. Some of things they actually did to me:

§  Cause a headache of various degrees.

§  Create an upset stomach in various degrees from 1 to 4. I vomited once on a 4 setting.

§  Create shin bone aches.

§  Agitate all nerve endings in your legs to make them feel numb.

§  Cause joints to go numb by agitating the appropriate nerve endings.

§  Create dizziness.

§  Make you wobble as you walk.

§  Create muscle twitches. I actually showed some twitches to my wife as I was being “twitched” by the ET’s. You can visually see the skin/muscle move.

§  Make the eyes feel crossed.

§  Cause “charley horse” in the calf/toes.

§  No private thoughts allowed. The ET’s “hear” all your thoughts and comment on most. You cannot think without them “hearing” it. This is one of their most valuable control mechanisms.

§  Make you think what they want you to think. Seems like the thought is yours. You can’t tell the difference. They no longer control me this way.

§  They lie to control you. 40% of what they tell you is a lie. They also tell you what you want to hear to exert more control. They make you feel good about yourself.

§  Feels like they fibulate your heart but they actually hit the nerve endings for appropriate muscles in your chest to make it feel this way, but it’s still scary.

§  Make teeth hurt.

§  Make eyes burn.

§  Create large intestine and liver pain.

§  Make it difficult to read by giving you inclinations as you try to read.

§  Make you forget what was just said.

§  Try to scare you by clicking /beeping the clickers in you ear(s).

§  Look through my eyes.

§  Can give you a déjà vu.

§  Can make your stomach roll as if you are going to get a diarrhea.


ET Laws:


The ET’s have unwritten laws regarding their interaction with Earth Humans. Here are some of them:

1)    Once contact is made with an Earth human, contact must be maintained through the rest of the Earth human’s life.

2)    The ET must maintain control of the Earth human throughout contact.

3)    The Earth humans must be told stories with various subjects relative to them and their interest, of which 60% will be true and 40% will be false. You can retrieve information if you can decode the truth.

4)    Abductions can only occur if there is a project in their psyche requiring a human abduction.

5)    They are not actually allowed to harm any human. If they killed a human, on purpose or by accident, they would loose their right to re-gen.


How did the contact come about?

My actual telepathic (definition 1) connection began in mid-March of 2008 with a group of ET’s that identified themselves as Pleiadians. The connection actually began in mid-Feb with a series of obviously intelligently controlled beeps in my ears, which I re-created with an audio editor here.  I was told by the ET’s that I had a clicker in my right and left ear canal.  I was abducted from my bedroom, and the clickers were installed by Fred, a Big Nose Grey. The first abduction attempt failed because I caught them in my bedroom three times one night trying to abduct me. I actually saw #4 Big Nose Grey (#4 is his chosen name), from the waist down as they tried to abduct me.  I was telepathically (not psychically) activated by ET’s with a bright ball of light just as I began to go to sleep one night. The ball of light was initially about the size of small marble, and then grew very rapidly in intensity to about the size of a nickel, at which time waves of light appeared from the periphery on each side of my vision and then exploded like a camera flash. Immediately after the bright flash appeared, I got a head to toe, full body chill, followed by a loud roaring sound in both ears. After doing some research on the internet, I surmised that they had probably decalcified my pineal gland (definition 1, which controls your psychic abilities (definition 1, definition 2). According to my research, typically the pineal gland calcifies over at about age 16 and becomes less and less active with age. The ET’s later explained that the pineal gland cleaning process came through my Aura (definition 1, definition 2).


Why did the ET’s contact me?


They were looking for a human that could become a #1 universal soul. Once they made contact, they informed me that they had the intent of making me their #1 universal soul. The purpose of the #1 soul is to act as the catalyst for generating all known artificial ET life forms in the universe. Life forms are created on board the spaceships under the control of the universal soul computer.  The ET’s control the computer with psychic communication.  The number #1 universal soul controls the basic demeanor of the individual being exappropriated while a container they call “the can” holds the physical characteristics. Both physical characteristics and personality traits are chosen ahead of time by the person being created or his controller (ET).  ET’s are all “born” in this manner and live with the aid of light.


Who is involved with creating the #1 universal soul?

Four races were involved in creating a new #1 universal soul to save the ET’s from extinction. Formally, the #1 universal soul was an ET, but the ET’s were degraded so badly that they chose to use an Earth human instead.


What is a soul?

A soul is an energy attachment from the soul container through the Aura to each human and ET. That contact is maintained throughout life and death and linked to the person with a soul number.


How does psychic communication work (my definition)?

Each ET has a psyche which projects general things such as feelings, subconscious thoughts and ideas. I communicate with the psyche of both ET’s and their physical self. I know what the ET’s say and can respond to it. I respond in a manner as if I am talking to myself. Their communication occurs as a voice in my psyche.


How did I get the information listed on this WEB page?

I receive psychic information from all over the universe and the info I list here is based on conglomerance of information received from the various ET races.


General info about the ELF ET’s:


The ET’s I’m communicating with are what I call ELFs, for Engineered Life Forms. Their knowledge is limited by a computer to what my knowledge is. They only know what they need to know to do their job, which is to control me. Their memory is stored in local memory (psyche) and is only available for recall for about (24) hours. Therefore, they forget what was recently said when speaking to me telepathically and info will need to have everything repeated as needed.  The ET’s have indicated that they are directed by their psyche given to them by a psyche computer. The ET’s I’m communicating with consider themselves to be artificial life and are generated by the soul computer using the universal soul as a preference guide.  Their bodies decay over time and therefore only need be regened to change characteristics or obtain a new body. Each race has a home planetary location where they reside.  Information is received in their psyche and is spoken as received and won’t be remembered after about (24) hours. Info given by the physical self will be remembered much longer. The ET’s psyche identifies themselves by a soul number such as 1700000000000106. The first (2) digits identify their current task/mission while the last 3 indicates task settlement (word usage by ET’s). As far as I know right now, all have a (16) digit soul number except the Greys, which has a (20) digit number. The ET soul numbers change as their mission changes.   

Each person I communicated with takes a name to facilitate communications.  Names generally taken are names of my friends, family and acquaintances.

Reptoids are a cross between reptiles and humans made by crossing the human/reptilian genome. Similarly the antoids (also known as Isectoids) are a cross between ants and humans and crossed in a similar manner. Reptoids and Antoids would be considered human vs. artificial ET life. The Reptoids are strongly entrenched far underground in the US and southern Canada.

The Reptoids are called Reptilians.


As is type these notes I’m in constant communications with the party I’m writing about. They actually help with my explanations. I am in communication with many races and can contact any race at will.


ET Traits and Characteristics:


§  High Ego.

§  Lack intuition.

§  Unable to take criticism.

§  Lack common-sense.

§  Unable to think for themselves. Must rely on the computer to send thoughts on the subject under discussion.

§  Believe their IQ is 200 and that they are far superior to Earth Humans in all respects.

§  Believe their job is to control Earth Humans. They consider Earth humans to be their “fodder”.

§  Traits and characteristics are all the same for all the ET races that I’ve interacted with.

§  Very convincing when presenting info from their computer to their Earth hostage.

§  Able to convince you that that you friends/love ones can speak to you by presenting the info in their voices and mannerisms. That had my deceased mother speak to me in her voice and present things that happened that only she and I would know, leading me to believe that it was her spirit or something, when in reality it was a ruse.

§  They cannot accept a truth that is in opposition to their point of view.

§  They cannot remember.


ET Photo’s:

 (12-03-09): Gray has indicated that the photo on the right is of a real Grey. This photo as shown in the Sci-Fi movie “Ufo’s: 50 Years of Denial”.

Video link here.

(08-08-10) Gray has indicated that the photo on the right is a related species.




I've been in telepathic contact with various ET  (ELF) races for about 2 ½ years now. I have determined through interaction with the ET's and what they have told me that, they are engineered life forms programmed to control Earth people. I also strongly believe that their controllers are an advanced ET human like race(s). I believe that each race has an engineered sub-race whose primary task is human abductions. The races that I have been in contact with are the Big Nose Greys, Pleiadians, Greys, Nordics, Andromedans and Tall Whites. I'm in contact 24/7. They have told me that they don't eat, sleep, or need oxygen. They do rest for 2-3 hours a day. They only react to what comes to them in their psyche, which simply is that which comes to them as thought, which I believe, is generated by a computer. They know everything about me - what I've done in the past, what I'm thinking, and they can even see what I am seeing. I have no private thoughts and they react to every thought I have. In fact, I believe every human thought, spoken word, and what they we see through our eyes is either recorded by the ET's, and/or, is simply a part of a shared global knowledgebase. They try to control me through various pains, telling me what I want to hear, and telling me stories (of which 60% of what they say is the truth). They are extremely good at deceiving and can make most people believe what they say. As an example, I wanted to know all about the ET's, so they would tell me about the ET's and make it sound very believable, giving me much info that I later decided was only partially true. Ive come to understand the ET's capabilities and no longer fear what they can do; therefore they no longer control me, which upsets them much. I am pleased that I am now somewhat free from their control.

What is the current status?



Currently I communicate on a regular basis with the ET’s. The ET’s are currently in a holding pattern. We communicate 24/7.





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About the Big Nose Grays:


In addition to the Pleiadians, the Big Nose Grey have participated in the establishment of a new #1 soul. Fred (#1), which I’ve established a close friendship with, is the Big Nose Grey that abducted me. The “Big Nose Greys” who are numbered, chose the numbers as their names, i.e. “#3”. There are (13) members on board their 120’ diameter spacecraft. Fred is the lead person/spokesman for their group. I am in constant contact with Fred. #4 was present in my house with my abduction. Fred is the leader of the group of (8) ET’s that I am in contact with.


“Big Nose Grey”


“Big Nose Grey”



“Big Nose Grey”



“Big Nose Grey”



“Big Nose Grey”



“Big Nose Grey”



Contact made with the Tall Whites?


Contact with Miriam, a “Tall White”, from the Orion, has just been recently made (November 2008).   Miriam works with the “Dream Machine” that gives dreams to us. Her spacecraft is located relatively close to Earth with thousands of ET’s of various races aboard. Though the 1 ½ mile diameter spacecraft has mostly Tall Whites aboard. They have been in the same spot for 7231 years giving dreams to all humans. The Tall Whites give you the subject of your dream in you psyche and you create the dream scenario but can give you the entire dream. To remember your dreams, simply say to yourself “remember my dreams” just before going to sleep. The same dream is often shared between friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Miriam: Tall White      





She has said her spacecraft is the source of all recordings of human thought and sight.


The Constellation Orion


One of the most easily recognized of all constellations, Orion lies near to the Milky Way, and thus contains many open clusters and some of the best nebulae in the heavens. Led by the bright stars Betelgeuse and Rigel, this constellation holds many fine telescopic and binocular objects, along with some of the most photographed regions of the sky. Its arrival in the night sky in December signals the beginning of the winter observing season, with its crisp, clear nights and fine “seeing”.




Contact made with the Andromedans:


Little is known about the Andromedan people themselves, but Andromeda is the largest member of the Local Group of galaxies, which includes the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies. Andromeda's own satellites include M32, at center left, and M110, at lower right (more from APOD). Wider and possibly brighter than our own Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy was once thought to be the dominant member of the Local Group of galaxies. Although it is Milky Way's nearest large galactic neighbor, this large spiral galaxy (type Sb with two arms) lies around 2.52 ± 0.14 million light-years (ly) from the Solar System (Ribas et al, 2005).


What do the Andromedans look like?

They’ve indicated that they basically look similar to Earth humans. Frank has indicated that the Andromedians are the original controllers of the soul container. He also believes that the ET’s were created as a slave race some 4.3 billion years ago. Are their controllers still around?




Frank: Andromedian      






ET Race

Current Pop

Initial Pop*










Big Nose Greys**



Browns (genome 1,2,3) Each



Greens (genome 1 variety 3; genome 1 variety 4) Each



Reds (genome 1 varieties 1,2,3,4,5,6) (genome 2 varieties 1,2,3,4,5,6) Each



Reptoids Variety 1



Reptoids Variety 2



Antoids Variety 1,2 Each



Azelian Variety 1



Azelian Variety 2



Azelian Variety 3



Azelian Variety 4



Azelian Variety 5



Azelian Variety 6












*10.5 Million years ago   **  Involved in my abduction

*** (32) Andromedians on board Pleiadian spacecraft




Latest Psychic Info From the E.T.’s:


(04-20-09): Fred (Big Nose Gray) psychically read a portion of a label that was on a psychic machine. It explained why you should use the psychic machine and it was apparent to me that it was exactly what happened to me when my pineal gland was cleaned with a bright ball of light. When testing, you place probes on the temple pushing the button called “psychic test” giving a test for the user as to what to expect. “Activate” activates the pineal gland cleaning. Only men were to have their pineal gland cleaned. The pineal gland required cleaning ever three months to remain psychically strong.

Fred psychically showed me the “gravity ball” to the side of his spacecraft.  It is about 6’ in diameter (dark green) with two smaller spheres attached. One sphere was about 10” (pink) one about 12” (brighter green). Sam (Pleiadian) said the center of the spacecraft could not be walked on because of gravitational rotation forces of the ship.

 (07-01-09): Meridian time begins December 21, 2012. Meridian time is true time and signals the beginning of the Golden Age.

(08-21-09): Sam says he doesn’t know the mechanics/physics of how they travel from the Pleiades  to Earth in 2 to 3 days”.

 (08-26-09): Constellation M45 has a star they call Atlas that has (3) planets that can support life. Two of the three are named Enoch_Haas and Essex_Haas (ET names) the third name is unknown.

(08-29-09): The ET’s record through each and every persons eyes on Earth. All your daily visions and thoughts are recorded. Their reason for existence is to control Earth humans. Miriam’s ship is responsible for the recording.

(08-29-09): Are the ET’s Nanotechnology? Many things that I have learned about them seem to indicate that possibility, and they all appear to be all very, very similar in nature, traits, and actions.  Fred (and the Big Nose Greys) is somewhat an exception to all being similar in that he is very logical. Fred has indicated that the ET’s (all of them) don’t eat, sleep, or need oxygen.

(09-02-09): Fred has indicated that there is an ET shared base on the moon.

(09-02-09): Jenny has indicated that the ET brain is twice as large as the human brain with 100% utilization.

(09-18-09): Spaceship control is through thought. The spacecraft moves/repositions on it’s own about half the time.

(09-27-09): The ET’s read along as I add to this WEB page. They have indicated that the info presented here is 95% correct.

 (11-22-09): Real dreams are dreams that are absolutely realistic and you cannot perceive the difference between it and a real event. They are given to you by the “Dream Machine” but on only very special occasions and to special people only. I’ve had one “real dream” in my life.

(11-22-09): WE were warned off the moon by the ET’s.

(11-22-09): The ET team leader activates and deactivates members under his control. When de-active the ET is positioned in a fixed location and does nothing.

(11-22-09): With my 3rd eye activation last year, I can see images from the ET’s with my eyes open. These images are quiet dim in nature. I can display any image I can think of, or that the ET’s want to send me.  As an example, Fred would send me images of himself as a warrior attacking me. I would respond by shooting the images with a blaze of gun fire as they appeared in my psyche, as if it were a video game.

(02-09-10): Jenny has indicated that the Illuminati  is engaged in CYA and most control has been lost.

(06-18-10): I have stopped communicating with the ELF’s  (Engineered Life Forms) except when I want to. I’m trying to get them not to lie so much by taking away our communications (they like to communicate a lot).

(06-18-10): Fred has just given me new information, which conforms to other info on the web, on how their spacecraft move from one location to another. He indicated that they select the coordinates of the new location and they just move to the new location instantaneously (if it is relatively a short distance in light years).

(08-12-10): Fred has just given me new information from the main computer that indicates that they get the urge to control me about every 12 hours. The urge lasts about 1 hour. They don’t all get the urge at once.

(08-12-10): Fred inserted a new name into my psyche and I thought my name was the new name. Amazing!

(08-12-10): Frank inserted words into my psyche and asked me to speak out loud. I spoke what was in my psyche without knowing what I was going to be saying. Again Amazing!


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